Jack Page, 29, has spent the last decade hitting exotic spots all over the world. He says that bad luck appears to follow him everywhere he goes. The avid adventurer had near-death experiences in Nepal and Myanmar.

He might be the world’s unluckiest holidaymaker with all of his jaunts plagued by disaster.

Jack, a freelance events specialist from Northampton, has spent the last decade visiting exotic spots all over the world with a string of mishaps along the way – including being marooned on a desert island and being trampled by a cow.

He has struggled through parasites on Mt Everest, been stranded for 36 hours on a derailed train in Burma and even had his supplies eaten by monitor lizards when he accidentally stranded himself on a desert island off Borneo.

Talking about his bouts of bad luck, the avid adventurer said: ‘Most people say I’m extremely unlucky when I tell them what’s happened to me.

‘It can often be a combination of things. Last year in India I was arguing with a tuk tuk driver who was trying to rip me off when a cow appeared out of nowhere and charged at my girlfriend.

‘She got out of the way but it head butted me to the floor.

‘It just so happens we in the area at them same time some of the locals had been scaring cattle as part of a festival.

‘I was pretty sore the next day, but managed to escape mostly unharmed.’

Jack also ran into trouble while travelling in Borneo with his girlfriend, Alice.

They ended up getting stranded on an island, where there was nothing but a shop which remained closed.

When Page visited Ukraine, he stumbled upon a political protest which was crawling with soldiers and police
Jack Page, 29 and his partner Alice Buck, 28, climbed to Everest Base Camp where Jack came down with giardiasis, which is an infection to the digestive system

His symptoms were made worse by the effects of the altitude and he had a bad reaction to his medication.

Jack explained: ‘I genuinely thought I was going to die when I was up there.

‘I was already unsettled by the remains of the devastation caused by the earthquake and the tales of other climbers dying of altitude sickness.

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