Dozens of women shook their shapely buttocks in skimpy thongs in Shenyang, China. They were competing at the ‘Beautiful Buttocks Contest’, a copy of Brazil’s famous beauty pageant. Contestants were judged by the ’roundness, curviness and firmness’ of their bums, organiser said.

The final competition is set to take place at Bird’s Nest, the Chinese national stadium, on December 24.

Writhing, wiggling and shaking, dozens of scantily-clad women did whatever they could to show off their shapely bottoms at a packed Chinese mall.

Crowd were restless, cameras were flashing and the young winner was hailed by the onlookers.

Welcome to the Communist version of ‘Miss BumBum’, likely the most surreal beauty pageant in the world.

So called the ‘Beautiful Buttocks Contest’, the event is China’s answer to Brazil’s lavish and fiercely-contended ‘Miss BumBum’ competition.

But the irony is there.

In a culturally conservative country where just 20 years ago wearing a bikini on the beach would draw a woman disapproving stares, young female contestants now sport skimpy thongs and twerk their backsides at a shiny shopping centre.

A series of five contests have been organised by Saipu, a Beijing-based fitness club, to impress spectators around the country.

‘With the development of the times, men are looking for more visual stimulation, and the public want more entertainment,’ Zang Zhichao, an employee in charge of the contest from Saipu Fitness Club, told MailOnline.

Mr Zhang claimed that he had not heard of the ‘Miss BumBum’ contest in Brazil.

He said the ‘Beautiful Buttocks Contest’ was a part of a bodybuilding competition his company had organised.

‘Compared to other bodybuilding contests, showing off the bums has the lowest requirements, so more people could enter,’ Mr Zhang explain.

‘And it didn’t need much publicity, people would just come and see it. ‘

Around 50 contestants participated in the latest contest in Shenyang.

Mr Zhang said each candidate was required to have ‘a natural bum’ without having any buttock augmentation.

A seven-member jury judged the contestants by the ’roundness, curviness and firmness’ of their bums.

‘But of course if you look pretty, that would also help,’ Mr Zhang said, adding that contestants could choose to compete with or without a facial mask.

The regional Chinese ‘Miss BumBum’ contests were held in Beijing on June 18 and Shenyang on June 24 and more competitions would be staged in Xi’an, Wuhan and Shenzhen.

Compared to Brazil where the champion last year walked away with an £18,000 modelling contract, the prize of Saipu’s competition was relatively small.



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