Ndayisenga Valens, one of the best cyclists that Rwanda has ever had, believes that there are four cyclists, in whom he trusts to be able to win the tour of Rwanda 2017.

For the moment, preparations continue for Team Rwanda where 28 cyclistes  summoned by FERWACY, based on their performances in the participating tournaments, are in the training camp, in Kinigi, Musanze with their coaches headed by Sterling Magnell.

In the 28, the 15 including 3 professionals, Mugisha Samuel and Areruya Joseph from Dimension Data and Ndayisenga Valens of Tirol cycling team, will be the bearers of the national flag during this tour of Rwanda which will take place in the country of the thousand hills next month.

“The training is going well, we have been here for two weeks, all the riders are doing well, and they show the will to be able to win again this tour of Rwanda, as I did and Bosco” says Valens.

“Apart from me and Bosco, I only see four other riders who can win this tour, Areruya is well shaped, Mugisha also even if he lost his mother recently, we encourage him to be well ahead in life , Byukusenge Patrick and Uwizeye Jean Claude can also do it.”

It will be for the ninth time for the Tour du Rwanda 2017, with 17 teams from Africa and other continents.

List of 28 riders who are in training camp

Rubavu: Munyaneza Didier, Uwizeyimana Bonaventure, Nsengimana Jean Bosco, Gasore Hategeka, Byukusenge Patrick, Ruberwa Jean, Nduwayo Eric, Uwiduhaye, and Nizeye Alex

Rwamagana: Uwizeyimana Jean Claude, Tuyishimire Ephraim, Rugamba Jamvier, Gashiramanga Eugene, Hakizimana Didier, Hakizimana Seth, and Ukiniwabo Rene

: Twizerane Mathieu, Hakiruwizeye Samuel, Mfitumukiza Jean Claude, Bizimana Gasore, Jean Damacene Mbarushimana

Muhazi: Karegeya Jeremie, Niyigena Jean Paul, and Biziyaremye Joseph

Kigali: Jimmy Uwingeneye

Professionals are Valens Ndayisenga, Samwuel Mugisha, and Joseph Areruya

The route for the Tour du Rwanda 2017 has been unveiled and the 9th edition will see the peloton tackling a challenging 819 kilometer course that combines climbs and stunning scenery of Rwanda’s most beautiful terrain from from 12-19 November 2017.

The race will begin with a prologue and unfold in seven stages:

  1. PROLOGUE: Sunday, November 12 – Kigali
  2. STAGE 1: Monday, November 13 – Kigali to Huye
  3. STAGE 2: Tuesday, November 14 – Nyanza to Rubavu
  4. STAGE 3: Wednesday, November 15 – Rubavu to Musanze
  5. STAGE 4: Thursday, November 16 – Musanze to Nyamata
  6. STAGE 5: Friday, November 17 – Nyamata to Rwamagana
  7. STAGE 6: Saturday, November 18 – Kayonza to Kigali
  8. STAGE 7: Sunday, November 19 – Kigali


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