The international football governing body (FIFA) has announced sanctions against eight African countries, following the 4th day of the World Cup 2018 qualifiers, which took place in September.

Gabon, who lined up an unqualified player against Ivory Coast (3-0 defeat), is expected to pay a fine of US $ 6,200.

Nigeria is asked to pay a fine of 30,000 US dollars because of its supporters who invaded the lawn after the victory (4-0) against Cameroon.

The DR Congo is sanctioned by 20,000 US dollars because of the violence of its supporters during the draw against Tunisia while Mali will pay 15 000 US dollars because of the projectiles thrown during the match against Morocco.

Zambia is not spared and will have to pay a fine of US $ 7,000 for the behavior of its supporters against Algeria while Morocco should pay $ 3,000 after its audience whistled during the national anthem of Mali.

Finally, both Burkina Faso and Senegal were cautioned for the delays with which their matches on 2nd and 5th September had started.

The South African Erick Mulomowandau Mathoho saw his suspension of last game to two missed games plus a fine of 5,000 US dollars following his red card scooped against Cape Verde.



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