Emmanuel Eboué is reportedly suffering from AIDS, according to Turkish media, after he was scheduled to visit the Turk Ocagı Limasol.

A pure media invention, affirms the Ivorian who denies this rumor with insistence.

“I am well in my body. I do not know where this HIV-AIDS rumor comes from, because that’s what it is, but it’s a shame. “

“Every time I try to get up from hard hits, there’s that kind of thing happening. We have to keep dirty. Some people want me serious, I do not know why. It was the same when I signed with Sunderland. But I place my trust in God. I do not know why there is so much hatred for me. There are several people I know well who have told me that they will do everything to destroy me. They will go everywhere and these people know each other very well. But I trust only in my God. “

However, the player is currently in England to carry out further examinations.



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