Rayon Sports team has announced that they will not participate in the “Ndi Umunyarwanda” tournament organised by FERWAFA in partnership with National Unit and Reconciliation Commission as published by the Rwandan football governing body this after-noon.

The team said the tournament came unexpectedly when they had given rest to their players, as the Rayon Sports general secretary, Gakwaya Olivier said to Kigali Times.

“The coach told us that the players are at rest and we have injured, that is why it’s difficult to us to play this tournament”

“We were happy to participate, but because of these complications we endured, a complicated start of the Rwanda premier ligue, we decided not to take this risk and continue to prepare well for the championship because we have some complicated matches at the beginning of this championship”

“We told them we could play only one game, but two will be a lot, our players are tired, they have played many tournaments before this championships” Gakwaya told to Kigali Times.

Gakwaya Olivier affirmed that players like Nova Bayama, Shassir Nahimana, Rutanga Eric, Yannick Mukunzi, and Bimenyimana Bonfils Caleb, are injured and they have given a rest.

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