Former Miss Burundi Honey Jesca says Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan should not play victim in the eyes of Tanzania beauty queen Hamisa Mobeto who just had a baby with singer Diamond Platnumz.

In what has now become a regional love affair, Jesca accuses Zari of snatching Diamond from her back in 2013.

Writing in Swahili language, Jesca claims Zari influenced Diamond to abandon two children he fathered with her.

Zari too is now crying after Diamond’s former lover and Tanzania model Mobeto repossessed the Salome singer and brought back home.

Honey Jesca claims Diamond Platnumz is the dad of her twin girls

Jesca Honey, 24, Miss Burundi 2012 says since 2013, the singer has not given her a penny for the beautiful two girls.

If she wins like Hamisa did, Diamond Platnumz will be a proud dad of 8, Zari’s 5, Hamisa’s 1 and now, the two twins.

Honey Jesca from Bujumbura Burundi [Also has a light complexion] aged 24, claims she is all set to fly to Tanzania. She is ready for a DNA test and all she is demanding for is the singer to show the little girls some fatherly love.

Jesca attacks Zari

“You have been courageous until you succeeded in hiring my account that had followers of 450K Saaa was afraid I would not be scared I want to make clear the truth you are all a wanderer and I am really a real acquaintance with you and you will not be sorry. ” 

Jesca added :““I am from zero and @diamondplatnumz from 2013 until today she has not even got Tshs 100 to buy even baby sugar but I’m breastfeeding my baby without anybody else. “I’m 24 years old but you’re 46 years old and you refuse i can post the photocopy of your passport, i have it” 

Jesca says that Diamond Platnumz mom is aware of these facts, but they have totally ignored her pleas.
She claims from the time Zari started dating Platnumz, his love for the twins dropped and he’s never been there for them since then.

“You dropped me #diamond when you were aware of your diary and I was like your best friend but disappointment made you laugh.”




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