Big surprise this Tuesday from South Africa! the Bafana Bafana finally decided to comply with the will of the FIFA.

“Further to the additional information that the South African Federation (SAFA) has received from FIFA, the SAFA has decided, for moral and ethical reasons, that we can not be beneficiaries of corruption activities,” the SAFA writes a press release referring to suspicions of manipulation of the encounter that weigh on Joseph Lamptey, the referee of the meeting, who granted a non-existent penalty to the South Africans.

A full statement 

12 September 2017 – Following additional information SAFA received from world governing body FIFA, the Association resolved on moral and ethical grounds that we cannot be beneficiaries of corrupt activities.

Therefore, we have decided that we will comply with the FIFA directive to replay the match against Senegal at a date to be decided.

We have however, noted that the official at the centre of all this controversy has appealed his case to the courts of law and if the courts overturn the decision, everything becomes null and void and SAFA will reserve its right to challenge the decision of FIFA to replay the match.

During the SAFA Emergency Committee meeting on Monday, there were two positions on the matter – whether to go the legal route since there are lots of unanswered questions from FIFA or the ethical and moral route.

SAFA’s zero tolerance on corrupt activities within football are well documented and it is in this light that we decided to comply with the FIFA directive.


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